Banner_Sale_McMinnville_Oregon_WEB3_Signs.jpgBanner sale restrictions apply. Banners are printed on white matte indoor/outdoor banner material on one side, cut to size and printed with standard print quality settings.  The banner sale price requires customer to supply print ready PDF digital art for their banner. Hems, grommets and other banner finishes are available but are not included in the banner sale price.  The banner price will be based upon a whole square foot.  Banners can be cut by the inch but the banner will be billed to next whole foot.  Maximum banner size allowed at the banner sale price is 5 feet by 100 feet.  Customers must request the banner sale promotional price at the time the banner order is placed.


Creating dimensional sign letters and logos with a CNC from our McMinnville, Oregon sign shop guarantees product consistency.  Our sign customers can order one or many identical signs; or they can adjust the size individually to make sure each sign fits it location.  This automated process allows WEB3 Sign customers confidence that each sign will maintain equal attributes protecting their company image.     

Your product does not matter…

Your Product does not matter if your sign does not make a customer stop and shop.  As the owner of a sign company located in McMinnville, Oregon I am always reminding entrepreneurs to reflect on the purpose of their signs and banners.  Frequently, the purpose of the sign or banner is to create attention, attract customers, and generate cash.  “Good” signage has a unique ability to get your business noticed and provide sales opportunities.  Often, signs result in greater sales and increased income.    

But, what makes a “good” sign?  In order to answer what makes a good sign consider the following sign elements:

1)    Sign Placement –

 Will the sign or banner be visible from a great enough distance that a driver can safely come to stop, with or without a traffic lane change?  Remember, if your sign or banner is placed on the face of a building parallel to the roadway, research shows it needs to be at least 70% larger than a sign or banner placed perpendicular to the direction of travel to maintain the same effectiveness.

2)    Sign Size –

Experts recommend sign letters be a minimum of one inch tall for every twenty-five feet of distance.  Thus, if your customer is traveling at 25-30 mph in as is typical in McMinnville's commercial zones and many other Oregon business districts, with two lanes of traffic in each direction.  The minimum sign letter size should be 16.4 inches.  This is assuming optimal sign placement and sign letter clarity.

3)    Sign Height –

The greater the distance away the sign will be read, the taller the sign must be.  Signs along a freeway are read from a long distance and should be very tall.  However, signs located in McMinnville and other slower moving commercial zones in Oregon only need to be tall enough to avoid being blocked by parked and moving vehicles.

4)    Sign Illumination –

There are many different ways a sign or banners can be illuminated.  But the bottom line is that sign illumination is an essential element to consider.  Illuminated signs can be read more quickly by drivers, and as a bonus illuminated signs advertise your business 24-hours a day.

Given the above notes regarding “good” signs has most relevance in regards to exterior signs and banners.  WEB3 Signs is dedicated to working side-by-side with our customers to ensure they get value back and a “good” sign, regardless of what type of sign project is at hand.  It is important that your sign goals be understood and achieved.  Rather the goal is to increase sales, create better wayfinding, or comply with code WEB3 Signs of McMinnville Oregon will work to exceed your needs.

The above research statistics and values were pulled from articles published by the International Sign Association.  WEB3 Signs of McMinnville Oregon is an active member of the International Sign Association.