Maintenance and Service

A sign maintenance agreement is a no-hassle way to protect your company’s image and reduce liability by keeping your signs clean and in good working condition. WEB3 Signs charges a flat monthly rate with no hidden extras.  This eliminates unexpected sign repair expenses. All labor and materials for maintenance and repairs for the signs listed in the agreement are covered, including transformers, lamps, ballasts, and wiring.  As an extra bonus to WEB3 Sign customers we will inspect and wipe clean your sign a minimum of one time per year.

For companies that need sign maintenance and do not have a maintenance agreement with WEB3 Signs, we offer sign cleaning and repair services on a time and material basis.

In order for WEB3 Signs to ensure your signs are looking their best, we will send out a crew to clean and inspect your signs.  Aside from keeping your sign in good working condition, this allows problems to be identified and repairs made before you or anyone else realizes they are needed.

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