FormedMini.jpgStandard Plastic Sign Letters

Formed Plastic Sign letters have been made since 1963 out of C.A.B. (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate); these sign letters are the utmost in versatility.  Formed Sign Letters, while the standard for most local businesses, can also be found at parks, retail chains and almost anywhere there is a need for dimensional signage.

   MinnesotaMini.jpgMinnesota Sign Letters

Minnesota Sign Letters have the look and feel of cast metal sign letters so they're suitable for almost any "up-scale" sign application.  Made from earth-friendly recyclable Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), Minnesota Sign Letters are beautiful, crisp letters with razor-sharp edges that are easy to install.

CastLead.jpgCast Metal Sign Letters

When a sense of permanency and depth is required on a professional office, university or government building bronze and aluminum cast metal sign letters offer the depth you need.  With 12 different finishes including polished, oxidized, or anodized; you can get the classic look and deep dimension of cast metal sign letters for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality.

InjMoldChanMini.jpgInjection Molded Sign Channel Letters

Each Injection Molded Sign Channel Letter is perfect due to the precision toolmaking of the molds used to make this product.  While only 2 type styles are available, they can be ordered in nearly any combination of can and face colors.  When combined with the EDGE-GLO face (Red Only), this letter is 100% injection molded.  For ordering, choose style, sign letter size, sign copy, sign can color, sign face color, sign trim color and specify with or without LEDs.